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Home of America's First Classic Close Encounter
& Circleville - Roswell Connection

UFOs Over The Americas
by Jim and Coral Lorenzen
Signet Books, 1968, 254 pages

Jim and Coral Lorenzen were a husband and wife team of ufologists who founded APRO which stood for The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization in 1952. It was one of the earliest non-profit private civilian groups to study UFOs. Unfortunately, APRO no longer exists and the Lorenzens have passed on. However, during its lifespan APRO contributed much to our understanding of the UFO mystery.

APRO was the first organization to take seriously reports of humanoids - that is occupants of UFOs that have landed. On pages 36 through 38 there is an account of a Munroe Falls, Ohio, case in 1967 in which a driver coming from Kent, Ohio, saw a glowing cone-shaped object on the ground. It was about 25 feet high and 12 feet wide. The driver was distracted by this object and all of a sudden he saw five creatures about four feet tall in front of his car. He accidentally hit one of them with his car before he could stop. The frightened driver sped away. The Lorenzens call this "the first case on record of what may have been physical injury to the occupant of a disc".

The Lorenzens were specialists in collecting information on Latin American UFO cases. There is a chapter devoted to UFOs south of the border. There is also a chapter on underwater UFOs. The Lorenzens corresponded with renowned Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl Jung who also had an interest in UFOs. Though somewhat dated, UFOs Over the Americas is still worthwhile reading for those interested in UFO sightings in the 1960's.

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