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Roundtown UFO Society PO Box 52  ~ Circleville, Ohio  43113 ~ (740)474-6773

Come visit us at one of our Roundtown UFO Society meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month presently at the American Legion in Circleville starting at 6:00 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.  There is usually a sign indicating where the meeting is.

Home of America's First Classic Close Encounter
& Circleville - Roswell Connection

Pickaway County District Public Library

1160 North Court Street

Circleville, Ohio (a.k.a. Roundtown)

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This public library has had an extensive collection of UFO-related material, including:

30 Plus books on the topic; Monthly MUFON Journal, with 15 years of back issues;  (Mutual UFO Network)

Two-volume UFO Encyclopedia, which contains excellent research work by Jerome Clarke;

Binder of Roundtown UFO Society newsletters, with back issues from 1991 to 2003;

Four hour UFO Disclosure Project video containing statements from ex-government and military witnesses.  This video has been loaned out to interested members of the library;

Two hour DVD Disclosure Project;

There are monthly meetings of the Roundtown UFO Society on the second Thursday of the month at the library meeting room.  Meetings start at 6:00p.m. and are open to the public.

We have had a public UFO display in the library meeting room.

 If you have questions, have information, or just want to discuss the UFO phenomena,  please contact us thru the different channels.

RUFOS has donated the book, "The World's Best UFO Cases"  selected by Dwight Connelly, editor of the MUFON UFO Journal.

Public Library Connection

The Roundtown UFO Society meets the second Thursday of each month . at the American Legion building in Circleville, Ohio
Below are listed some information existing at the library where we used
meet before Covid-19 came into play.