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Come visit us at one of our Roundtown UFO Society meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month presently at the Pickaway County Public Library in Circleville starting at 6:00 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.  There is usually a sign indicating where the meeting is.

Home of America's First Classic Close Encounter
& Circleville - Roswell Connection

UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union
by Jacques Vallee
Allantine Books, NY 1992, 212 pages - Illustrated with photos

With the downfall of Communism and the opening up of the former Soviet Union, researchers now have a golden opportunity to study Russian UFO cases. Dr. Jacques Vallee in 1990 visited the Soviet Union and met with Russian scientists and UFO experts. His tour was prompted by the October 1989 UFO wave near Voronezh, a city three-hundred miles south of Moscow. These sightings received much publicity worldwide and unfortunately much ridicule from the Western news media. As Vallee writes on page five "they ridiculed the story instead of researching it". Vallee relates the history of Soviet ufology. He notes that some Russian scientists believe the 1908 explosion over Tunguska, Siberia, was really a nuclear explosion of an extraterrestrial craft. The explosion occurred three miles above land. The nuclear bombs dropped over Japan in August, 1945, were similarly detonated above the Earth. Most Western scientists believe the Tunguska explosion was caused by a comet, meteor, or black hole, but there are problems with all of these theories.

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