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& Circleville - Roswell Connection

Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception
by Jacques Vallee
Ballantine Books, N.Y.  hardcover, photos, 272 pages

Jacques Vallee who holds a PhD in computer science is the foremost ufologist opposed to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH). Although he does not totally exclude the possibility that aliens from another galaxy are visiting Earth, in the appendix to Revelations he lists five arguments against the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. These objectives include the fact that there are far too many UFO sightings for them to be merely ET's conducting a physical survey of Earth. Second, descriptions of the aliens as humanoids are far too similar to human beings, it is unlikely that on another planet intelligent beings would have evolved the same way as human beings. Third, the numerous stories of abductions by aliens for genetic experiments are too absurd to be literally true and does not make sense scientifically (Vallee doesn't deny that witnesses are telling the truth as they see it, however he feels amateur hypnotists are tampering with the abductees to get the results they want). Fourth UFOs are not a contemporary phenomenon they were seen long before 1947 (which began the modern UFO era), it is unlikely ET's would avoid making official contact with man after visiting the planet for thousands of years. Vallee's last objection is that UFOS seem to have the ability to alter space and time thus leading him to speculate that their origins lie other than on another planet. Vallee feels UFOS would be from another dimension or from another time or possibly represent some form of unexplained phenomena related to nature that can affect human consciousness.

Most of Vallee's book is on his theory that regardless of where UFOs come from, there are human agencies who for unknown reasons have a hidden agenda and are trying to manipulate the belief systems of humanity. This agenda includes spreading false information to UFO investigators to lead them astray and into believing that UFOS are ET's and that contact with them has already been made. Perhaps the reason is to keep researchers from following the right trail or it could be some secret group is trying to promote the one world movement so popular with New Ages. A belief that we are under threat from ET's could unite the world and the goal of the new age movement is one world order. Influential leaders such as President Reagan in his U.N. speech and Gen. Douglas MacArthur in his West Point address have theorized that humans would only stop fighting amongst themselves if there were an extraterrestrial threat.

Some of the cases that Vallee covers include the 1980 Bentwaters England case of an alleged UFO making contact with military personnel on a US Air base. (This was recreated on a September 1991 'Unsolved Mysteries"). He also debates the veracity of the area 51 in Nevada rumors the Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO sightings, the Billy Meier photos, the John Lea statement and the MJ-12 documents. Vallee calls for ufologists to take a fresh and scientific approach to UFOs. He feels UFOs are a real phenomenon deserving of scientific study. Too long he claims ufology has been the domain of naive amateurs who are being deceived by certain groups into believing UFOS are ET's when in reality they may be something else. Though certain to cause controversy Revelations is a thought provoking book and recommended reading for anyone disenchanted with the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.

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