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Come visit us at one of our Roundtown UFO Society meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month presently at the Pickaway County Public Library in Circleville starting at 6:00 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.  There is usually a sign indicating where the meeting is.

Home of America's First Classic Close Encounter
& Circleville - Roswell Connection

Regional Encounters: The FC Files
by Francis L. Ridge, Director of the UFO Filter Center
Mt. Vernon IN  1994 - 172 pages

This is a collection of the best UFO sightings that the UFO Filter Center in Indiana has investigated.  It is of local interest since the emphasis is on Midwest sightings, most notably Indiana but also several Ohio cases.  Regional Encounters has illustrations taken from UFO reports of various UFOs.  Some are disc shaped, others are boomerang shaped, others are cigar shaped.

The book takes a chronological approach.  Each section is devoted to a particular year or decade.  The earliest sightings are from 1897.  The biggest year for sightings was 1952.

Regional Encounters is an excellent example of what a UFO group can do to contribute to the literature of ufuology. Though privately published, this book has more educational value than some of the big name publisher bestsellers on UFOs.

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