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Home of America's First Classic Close Encounter
& Circleville - Roswell Connection

Anatomy of a Phenomenon
by Jacques Vallee
Ace Books, 1965, 255 pages

This is a classic study of UFOs. Jacques Vallee, French born " physicist and computer scientist is one of the world's leading authorities on UFOs. I have reviewed in this newsletter Vallee's more recent books, Confrontations and Revelations. Vallee is noted for his objections to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, however, in this early book of his these objections had not surfaced yet.

Since this is an Ohio related newsletter, let me point out the Ohio references in this book. On pages 92 and 188 the Circleville case of farmer Bruce Stevenson is mentioned. Stevenson, on February 1, 1948, saw a metallic disc hovering near the farm. Stevenson estimated it was sixty feet in diameter and about twelve feet thick. There was a bright orange light in its center. Though Stevenson saw it in 1948, he waited until 1952 before reporting it. On page 189, a 1955 Willoughby "landing" of a UFO is mentioned. On page 219, there is mention of a 1961 sighting over Fairborn, Ohio.

This book has come out in several editions, so the pages may be different in the copy you find. Despite its age, Anatomy of a Phenomenon is still well worth reading.

In the first item could this be classified as an early UFO event?

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