The UFO Casebook

Edited by Peter Brookesmith

Chartwell Books, Inc. 1989, 84 pages

The UFO Casebook, published in England is a profusely illustrated book highlighting notable UFO sightings and close encounters, because it is from England it contains many cases which may be unfamiliar to American readers. The introduction is by Hilary Evans but most of the commentary is by Charles Bowen. What I liked about this book is its balance. It does not endorse any particular view on UFO origins. Evans on page seven states "almost certainly, UFOs exist on both the physical and the psychological level. Somehow we have got to recognize that, although they are real, they are not what they seem". There is some speculation that UFOs can use projection images of holograms to present images to eyewitnesses of alien beings which are not physically there. There are numerous cases of UFOs or alien like beings suddenly appearing or disappearing into thin air in the same way a projected image of a flashlight is turned on or off. Another good point about this book is its numerous photographs of both authentic UFOs and of apparent fakes that have been analyzed by experts. I found this hardback book at a Columbus bookstore that specializes in remainder books, that is books which are recent but are no longer being currently published and are therefore available at a dramatically discounted price. The UFO Casebook was available for only $4.98 and is well worth the price.