Mysteries of the Unexplained

A Reader's Digest Book, Pleasantville. New York

1982 ~ 320 pages

This is a coffee-table type book on all kinds of strange phenomena and unusual happenings. It is profusely illustrated with historic photographs and drawings. There are three chapters that deal with unusual occurrences in the sky and that of course includes unidentified flying objects. Some of the photographs in the book include one of Jimmy Carter's NICAP UFO report. Carter saw a UFO in October 1969 over Leary, Georgia while he was governor of that state. Some skeptics have claimed he actually saw the planet Venus. While others state that Carter who was an Annapolis Naval Academy graduate trained in Physics would have been able to recognize Venus if that was what he saw. Ohio readers may be interested in the story of four policemen in Ravenna who on April 17, 1966 chased a UFO for an hour. The UFO which made a humming sound flew from Ohio to Pennsylvania where it disappeared. This book is aimed at the general reader who is unfamiliar with the varieties of strange phenomena on our planet. A bibliography is in the back for those readers who wish to delve more further into researching a particular subject.

The October UFO News-clipping Service had an article on best-selling novelist Sidney Sheldon who has recently penned a novel called The Doomsday Conspiracy. Though a piece of fiction, as the appendix indicates it is a product of much research into UFOs. Sheldon names and recommends several UFO books in his research credits. The novel deals with a crashed saucer and the worldwide cover-up of the event. It is already on the bestsellers list. One hopes readers of this novel will pursue their interest by looking at nonfiction books on real UFOs.