When The Earth Nearly Died

by D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair

Gateway Books, Bath, England 1995

370 pages

In an earlier issue of this newsletter I reviewed Fingerprints of the Gods which alleged that 11,000 years ago a catastrophe destroyed the world's civilizations and that mankind had to start anew. When the Earth Nearly Died is in the same vein, except that the emphasis is on geology and other physical sciences. The disaster that befell mankind are echoed in the mythology of the ancients.  We are most familiar with the Genesis's Flood Story of Noah but dozens of other cultures have this same flood legend. This book is a growing number of works that revise the conventional interpretation of science and history.  In some ways it reminded me of Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision. Both tell if an astronomical phenomenon in ancient times that was carried on in folklore.