UFOs, JFK, and Elvis Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Believe

by Richard Belzer

Ballanine Books, N.Y., 1999, 230 pages, Price $24

Richard Belzer is a comedian and an actor. He currently plays on the TV drama Homicide. The title refers to a remark President Bush made about people who believe there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. Bush sarcastically stated there are some people gullible enough to believe Elvis is alive. Thankfully, the book has nothing about Elvis in it. Instead it focuses on the two main conspiracy theories of the twentieth century. One is who killed J.F.K.? The second is are UFOs real?
Belzer relies heavily on the two conspiracy books by Jim Marrs for his research, Crossfire on Kennedy's assassination and Alien Agenda on UFOs. So if you have read Marrs books you probably won't find much new in this book. However, since Belzer is a comedian this book has lots of humor in it. Imagine if Will Rogers wrote a conspiracy theory book and you have an idea of what Belzer's book is about. I happened to get an autographed copy by way of Barnes and Noble. I enjoyed the book, it is a fast read and very funny in some places and very scary in others if what is in this book is true.