UFO Healings: True Accounts Of People Healed By Extraterrestrials

by Preston Dennett

Wild Flower Press, Mill Spring, NC, 1996

186 pages  Price $13.95

Preston Dennett has collected 105 cases of alleged healings by extraterrestrial beings. These include cases of cures of all varieties of diseases including cancer. The problem with this book is that Dennett naively accepts all these stories as being literally true and does not provide any evidence to support these claims. In fact some of the alleged cures are probably hoaxes trying to gain a cult following. The Swiss farmer Billy Meier in the 1970's published hundreds of crystal clear photos of UFOs hovering over his land. Meier was a contactee. That is he claimed to get spiritual messages from human-like aliens. These aliens also allegedly cured him twice of some physical ailments. The problem is Meier has been proven to be a hoaxer.  Models of UFOs have been found which were used to hoax his photos. But some true believers still want to believe the story is true. UFO Healings is published by Wild Flower Press which is a New Age book publisher. New Agers tend to think of UFOs as being benevolent saviors from other planets and tend to ignore evidence to the contrary. This book is merely a collection of anecdotal stories with no interpretation or serious examination of the evidence.