UFO Headquarters: Investigations on Current Extraterrestrial Activity

by Susan Wright

St. Martin's Press, N.Y. 1998, 271 pages

This book was a disappointment to me. I saw it advertised in a Book of the Month Club catalog and decided to select it. First of all, the author Susan Wright has not written previously on UFOs. Instead she has written some Star Trek novels and written for women's magazines. It seems she read a lot of current literature on UFOs and presents that knowledge in this book. Much of the book is on Area 51 in Nevada, the mysterious military base where top secret aircraft are tested. There are rumors that crashed saucers are retro-engineered there. Bob Lazar who claimed to work there is the focus of many of those stories of UFOs at Area 51. Susan Wright tries to be fair in the book. She gives both the "believer" and the "skeptic" viewpoint on various UFO subjects such as Area 51, Roswell, abductions, and Corso's Day After Roswell book. To the experienced UFO book reader, Susan Wright's book presents nothing new. I suspect this book is for people who normally don't read UFO books. There are lots of better books out there than this. However, one of the few good things about the book, is the bibliography which is extensive and gives the location of many UFO organizations and investigators, which can be reached by mail or computer.