UFO 1947-1997

50 Years Of Flying Saucers

Edited By Hilary Evans and Dennis Stacy

John Brown Publishing, London, England 1997

212 pages

The year 1997 saw an enormous amount of UFO books published, many of them designed to cash in on the fiftieth anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the Roswell Crash.  One of the best books is the anthology of specially written essays by ufologists from all over the globe.  Remember UFOs are a global phenomenon. They are not some peculiar American curiosity.  It is good to read diverse and varied articles by individuals from all over the world.  There are articles covering each decade from the 1940's to the 1990's.
A chapter on public opinion polls and UFOs reveals that more people believe in UFOs than disbelieve in them. Thus there are more UFO believers than people who voted for President Clinton.  Yet the media continues to ignore or ridicule this silent majority.  The belief that UFOs are real is now a mainstream belief.  Of course the government with its "crash test dummy" mentality seems to be clueless and keeps on attempting to debunk or ignore the subject.
UFO 1947-1997 is one of the best books of the year on UFOs.