Transformation: The Breakthrough

by Whitley Strieber

William Morrow Books, NY 1988,  256 pages

Transformation is the sequel to Whitley Strieber's best-selling book Communion.  It continues the "true" story of Strieber's encounters with small gray-skinned entities; he prefers to call the "visitors" rather than aliens or extraterrestrials.  Strieber is a professional writer of novels with no previous interest in UFOs.  Thus, when his first UFO abduction book Communion became a best-seller, there was some resentment at his success by professional ufologists.  In turn, Strieber has publicly attacked American ufologists by claiming they are narrow minded to the possibility that these "visitors" may not be extraterrestrials from another planet.  Strieber feels these "beings" have both a physical and a non-physical nature and may be related to angels, demons, and other supernatural phenomena.
Since writing Transformation, Strieber has withdrawn from writing or speaking about UFO abductions.  He took so much criticism that he gave up in frustration at trying to convey to a skeptical public what he allegedly encountered.