By Nick Pope

Simon and Schuster, London, England, 1997

316 pages, Price $6.99

Nick Pope in the early 1990's was Britain's Ministry of Defense's UFO expert.  He has since been transferred to another part of the Defense Ministry but he still has an avid interest in UFOs as evidenced in his first book Open Skies. Closed Minds.  The Uninvited is a sequel but instead of being about UFOs it is about the alien abduction phenomenon which Mr. Pope was at first skeptical about. Now after intensive research Pope concludes that extraterrestrials are actually abducting humans in spaceships.  Pope has considered various alternatives to this scenario but finds them all insufficient.  Pope feels the abduction phenomenon has been going on since prehistoric times and is reflected in folklore, myths and fairy tales. Descriptions of small, large-eyed strangely dressed creatures that kidnap people and can manipulate time and space can be found in fairy tales.  Rip Van Winkle is a legend of a man who had twenty years of "missing time" due to his paranormal kidnapping. The Uninvited contains nothing new about the abduction phenomenon.  It is significant however that a British government official would write a book on such a subject and declare his literal belief in the alien abduction phenomenon.