The UFO Evidence

by Richard H. Hall

Barnes & Noble Books, NY 1997 - 184 pages - Price $7.98

The UFO Evidence edited by Richard H. Hall, Barnes and Noble Books, 1997, 184 pages, price $7.98.
This is a reprint of the 1964 NICAP analysis of over 700 UFO cases. NICAP was a civilian research organization which no longer exists. MUFON is its logical successor. It is a dry statistical books. It contains, as Jack Webb would say, "Just the facts". That's good in this case, there are no wild speculations. Many good Ohio UFO cases are mentioned. Since this is an exact reprint of the 1964 book there are no cases mentioned after 1964. Thus little if anything on alleged UFO abductions. They were a rare event in the 1960's except for the Betty and Barney Hill case. Roswell is not mentioned. That 1947 case was all but forgotten until the 1980's when researchers resurrected that crashed UFO story. The UFO Evidence is illustrated with drawings. It is recommended for serious scholars and is easily available at a good price at Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores.