The Threat: The Secret Agenda:

What The Aliens Really Want and

How They Plan To Get It

by David M. Jacobs

Simon and Shuster, NY, 1998, 287 pages, Price $23.00

Dr. Jacobs is a professor of History at Temple University in Pennsylvania. He was one of the first in America to do a thesis on UFOs. The result was his classic work The UFO Controversy in America. Prior to his current work Jacobs has had the reputation of a levelheaded scholar, but The Threat endangers this reputation by being so dogmatic about Jacob's claim he definitely knows why the UFOs are here. Jacobs states UFOs are from another planet and they are intent on genetic experiments in order for them to live on this planet and that humanity is in danger of either endearment or extermination. Jacobs even gives a timetable for these events and states time is running out and it is to late to do anything. This is the most pessimistic book I've ever read and I think Jacobs is mistaken in his interpretation of abductees recollections under hypnosis, Psychiatrist John Mack of Harvard University takes a more mystical, benign metaphysical approach to the abduction scenario. Thus he and Jacobs criticize each others theories often in print. Time will tell which one if any is correct in his interpretation of the abduction phenomenon. Lets hope Jacobs is mistaken.