The Randle Report:

UFOs In The 90's

By Kevin D. Handle

M. Evans and Company, N.Y., 1997

226 pages, Price $19.95

Kevin Handle is a special investigator for the Center for UFO Studies. His earlier books co-authored with Donald Schmitt include UFO Crash at Roswell. Avon Books in 1991 and its sequel The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell. These books were the end result of years of interviewing eyewitnesses to the Roswell event and years of research into a government cover-up of UFO knowledge.  Recently Randle has written several UFO books by himself.  The Randle Report is on Handle's learned opinion of recent events in Ufology, some good and some bad. On the negative side, Randle casts a skeptical glance at UFO abductions in general and the 1975 Travis Walton case in particular.  He asserts that this Arizona case is a hoax planned by Walton in order to get a tabloid reward for best proof of UFOs.  Randle also asserts Walton and his companions failed lie detector tests.  To be fair, they took several lie detector tests and in some cases passed them. Personally I disagree with Randle on the Walton case. Until any further information comes out I will give Walton the benefit of the doubt.
Randle also is skeptical about the Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO photographs taken by Ed Walters.  Randle points out that Walters had a previous minor criminal record and had hoaxed "ghost" photos for fun at parties.  Walters was paid a large amount of money for a book on UFOs, Randle asserts that a monetary gain is the reason for this UFO hoax.  Although other Gulf Breeze residents have seen UFOs they are distant lights and not close encounters. Since there is a U.S. naval base nearby residents maybe seeing military aircraft.
Other negative events in Ufology that Randle attacks is the Alien Autopsy video which is an obvious hoax says Randle.  He also criticizes Stanton Friedman's acceptance of the MJ-12 documents.  Strange creatures seen in Puerto Rico called the Chapacabras in 1995 are also dealt a skeptical glance, as is, the 1996 alleged capture of an alien by the Brazilian military.
All is not negative in Ufology however asserts Randle.  He still stands by the Roswell case despite some recent controversies.  Other positive investigations include the Shag Harbor Canada case of 1967 in which a UFO was seen to dive into the ocean near a submarine base. Recently new research into this case has made it more credible.  Randle also endorses the Space Shuttle footage taken by "The Discovery" shuttle in September 1991 and investigated by Dr. Jack Kasha.  The shuttle footage appears to show a fast moving UFO at a distance.
In conclusion, Randle notes that despite hoaxes and misrepresentations by debunkers and true believers, Ufology is gaining more acceptance as researchers make more investigations and collect more facts.  There is a "solid core of good cases". Randle asserts (page 208) that indicates UFOs are real and of extraterrestrial origins. While I do not necessarily agree with Randle's opinion on all the cases he writes about, I do admire his logical way of thinking and his weighing of the pros and cons of a particular case.  Ufology can use more good researchers like Kevin Randle.