The Mysterious Valley

by Christopher O'Brien

St. Martin's Paperbacks, NY, 1996, 300 pages, Price $6.99

The Mysterious Valley refers to the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. In this area there has been much unusual phenomena reported, such as strange lights in the sky, black helicopter sightings and cattle mutilations. O'Brien is an independent investigator who chose to write reports of strange activity in the area, some of which he observed firsthand. The book reminds me of John Keel's book The Mothman Prophecies on strange activity in southern Ohio and West Virginia. The author does not come to any conclusions about these mysteries, they are an ongoing phenomena. O'Brien has since written a sequel to this book. These viewers of the Sci Fi Channels Sightings program may have seen O'Brien discussing the San Luis Valley mysterious happenings. It is an enjoyable book and in some ways more frightening than a Stephen King novel because the events in the Mysterious Valley are all supposedly real.