The Mars Mystery - The Secret Connection Between Earth

And The Red Planet

by Graham Hancock

Crown Publishers, NY, 1998, 344 pages, Price $26

Graham Hancock is a former journalist for the English newspaper The Economist. In recent years he has written books on ancient mysteries. His book Fingerprints of the Gods published in 1995 presented his theory that a superior mother civilization existed on Earth and was destroyed around ten thousand years ago by a natural phenomenon that involved a polar shift.
The Mars Mystery extends his natural catastrophe theory to our neighbor planet Mars. Hancock speculates that as recently as 17,000 years ago a periodic comet brushed near Mars and destroyed all life on the red planet. Hancock theorizes that Mars was once inhabited. He points to photographs of pyramid-like structures on Mars. Although the Face on Mars appears to be a natural phenomenon there are enough anomalies on the planet to at least encourage speculation that there was once life there. There seems to have been water on Mars and that is the key ingredient to life on a planet.
Hancock also addresses the 1996 Mars rock story in which some NASA scientists announced that a rock found on our polar regions was originally from Mars and contained life. This announcement may be premature, other scientists don't think that the rocks are proof of life. Hancock writes that 100 tons of Martian material arrives on Earth every year.
With the recent success of films like "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon" in peoples' minds Hancock addresses the question of whether a killer asteroid, comet or meteor could come again and destroy civilization on our planet. Hancock believes it happened before. Sixty-five million years ago a comet hit Yucatan and destroyed the dinosaurs. Hanock believes that more recently some astronomical phenomenon destroyed civilization on Earth and that ancient mythology contains stories of this disaster. Only 1 % of craters on Earth have been recorded, scientists believe. The rest are either undetected in remote areas or under the various oceans. Earth has had several near misses so it is only a matter of time before another disastrous impact hits Earth.
The Mars Mystery makes fascinating reading. It is a mixture of science fact and speculation. The speculation part concerns alleged intelligent life once on Mars and a superior civilization that once existed on Earth and was destroyed.