The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age

by Richard Rudgley

The Free Press, N.Y., 1999, 310 pages

Richard Rudgley is an English anthropologist who studied at Oxford. The premise of his book is that so-called prehistoric man was capable of a lot more accomplishments and culture than orthodox science gives them credit for. It is not "a lost continent" book like Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods or an ancient astronaut book like those of Erich Von Daniken, but like those authors, it does attempt to revise our concept of prehistoric man as "savage".
Of interest to astronomy buffs is the chapter "Paleoscience" that mentions the star system, the Pleiades. The nickname for this star system is "the Seven Sisters" in the cultures of such diverse people as the ancient North Americans, the ancient Australians and the Siberians. These people have been separate from each other for 40,000 years yet they all have the nickname "the Seven Sisters" for the Pleiades. (Of interest to ufology students is the fact that some UFO eyewitnesses claim the aliens come from the Pleiades star system). This book, oddly enough, can be found in both New Age catalogs and the History Book club catalog. It is heavily illustrated and has an extensive bibliography.