The Day After Roswell

by Colonel Philip J. Corso with William J. Birnes

Pocket Books, NY 1997 - 341 pages - Hardback

This was the most controversial book on UFOs in 1997. The controversy is whether the contents are fact, fiction, disinformation or a mixture of all three.  Corso was the Chief of Army's Foreign Technology Division in 1961.  He claims he oversaw the Roswell UFO crash debris artifacts in a reverse engineering experiment that has led to many current technologies such as the integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, lasers, super-tenacity fibers, transistors and so forth. Assisting him on these projects was General Trudeau now deceased. The problem with Corso's book is that it can't be proven. Of course, if it is true then it would be hard to verify this above top secret black project. Corso is now an elderly man. Does he want to finally tell the truth before he dies? There has been some controversy concerning the co-author William Birnes who supposedly is the "ghostwriter" of the book. Birnes interviewed Corso and then wrote the book. Did he spice up the book to make it more popular?
Currently several Ufologists are trying to verify the claims made in The Day After Roswell. Some, such as Larry Bryant, are requesting under the Freedom of Information Act any documents that might prove Corso's claims. Currently on the Internet there are documents concerning the American Computer Company which tend to verify Corso's claims but they are controversial too.