The Big Book of the Unexplained

by Doug Moench

Factoid Books, Paradox Press, N.Y., 1997, 191 pages, Price $14.95

There are over a dozen titles in the Big Book series.  They are history books in comic book form by various comic artists. The one reviewed here is on all aspects of the paranormal which of course includes much on UFOs. There is a whole chapter of stories titled "Close Encounters." There is also an article on the crop circle phenomenon. The text is quite good for a comic book. There is a bibliography in the back for further reading. Other chapters are on strange creatures like the West Virginia and southern Ohio creature called "Mothman." It was predominately seen in the late 1960's and was a subject of a book by John Keel.  A chapter titled "Classified Quotes" is on statements on UFOs by famous people such as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Arizona Senator Barry Golduster, Air Force General Nathan Turning, General Hoyt Vandenberg and several others.  All these quotes indicate the governments of the world take quite seriously the subject of UFOs.
I recommend this book highly. It is educational and well written, something you usually don't expect from a comic book.