Sources of the Illuminati

by Jim Keith

Illumi Net Press, Liburn, GA, 1999, 128 pages, Price $12.95

In this book review section I usually attempt to review books which are worthwhile reading, educational or has certain redeeming attributes. Unfortunately this book by Jim Keith fails on all counts. I had earlier read his book, Black Helicopters Over America and found only a few good chapters. His present book presents no original research and his conspiratorial paranoid thesis is not explained very well. Basically he seems to be saying an elite group of humans are behind the saucer deception using mind control techniques. Is there a real UFO phenomenon aside from the human agents? Keith is vague about this. In such a short book Keith can't possibly explain his thesis in adequate detail. I'm willing to listen to any theory of UFO origins but please document your sources and give me some details. There might be a kernel of truth in Keith's book but it so poorly documented that an intelligent reader can only wonder why he bothered writing the book.  Blaming an elite group of world leaders for this phenomenon is not an adequate answer.  The book comes close to being downright paranoid.  I cannot recommend this book.