Project Moondust

by Kevin Handle

Avon Books, NY, 1998, 313 pages, Price $12.50

Kevin Handle has authored several books on UFOs including UFO Crash at Roswell with the help of Donald Schmitt. Handle is a captain in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. His latest book is a series of articles on various sightings and events in UFO history. Project Moondust was a USAF project designed "to locate, recover and deliver foreign space vehicles." Randle has traced it to at least the year 1953, possibly earlier. Some skeptics have said Project Moondust was established to recover downed Soviet Union space debris, but since the Russians didn't launch the first Sputnik space capsule till 1957, what was Project Moondust recovering before 1957? UFOs? Ashville, Ohio native Clifford Stone is mentioned in the book for his research into Project Moondust.
Other chapters are on the 1980 Bentwaters, England alleged UFO landing, the 1980 Cash-Landrum sighting in Texas and the 1989 Belgium UFO sightings. Randle writes in a no nonsense manner. He criticizes both naive true believers and hard-core skeptics for sloppy investigations. The truth is often difficult to discern and at times Randle admits on many cases we simply don't have enough evidence to come to a definitive conclusion.
Skeptics say that scientists never see UFOs. Well, Randle proves them wrong. In August 1949 Clyde Tombaugh, the famous astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto saw from his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico a clearly defined UFO. Here was an excellent eyewitness. Tombaugh did not rule out the extraterrestrial origins of what he had seen.
Another chapter is rather frightening. It (Chapter 9) is on "Flying Saucers and Disappearing Airplanes." One case was in 1953 when an American F-98 jet vanished over Lake Superior while pursuing a UFO. There are other cases mentioned. Brigader General Archer Exon told Randle of a case from the 1950's of four jets chasing a UFO over Tennessee or Kentucky when the jets simply disappeared. This was over land which makes it more mysterious than when a plane vanishes over the water.
There is also a chapter on the Ghost Rockets of Sweden from 1946 which General Jimmy Doolittle investigated. That case is still unsolved.