Ohio UFOs And Many Others

by Irena Scott

Greyden Press, Columbus, Ohio, 1997, 211 pages

Dr. Irena Scott, noted UFO researcher had worked for Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Ohio State University Medical School. She is a cofounder of Mid Ohio Research Associates, Inc., a UFO investigator group in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio UFQs is a chronological history of UFO related events in Ohio. Note its not just sightings in Ohio but also how the Buckeye State is connected to UFO events in other states. For example, there are many stories about the crashed Roswell debris being transported to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio for analysis in 1947. There are interesting anecdotes, some first hand accounts, other secondhand accounts because the eyewitnesses are deceased. A story 1 found fascinating was of a Ohio truck driver who delivered a strange metal, under government supervision to the Timkin Roller Bearing Company. He was later told by employees that the furnace there couldn't break or melt the unknown material. It was widely believed that the piece was from the Roswell crashed saucer. 

Our own UFO group RUFOs, is mentioned several times in Ohio UFOs. Some of our members contributed to the book. The Bruce Stevenson February 1948 Circleville close encounter article, is by one of our members. The July 1947 weather balloon that crashed near Circleville around the same time as the Roswell event is also mentioned. It is believed that the governments cover-up explanation for what happened in Roswell was inspired by the Pickaway County crashed weather balloon.
Recent events in Ufology also are touched upon. The 1996 Paulding, Ohio crop circle is mentioned.
Although primarily Ohio related, some other cases outside Ohio are presented. I found interesting the story of U.S. Special Forces who in 1971 in Cambodia came across a landed UFO and its occupants. I was also surprised to learn that famed race car driver Bobby Unser visited a UFO conference in Indiana and told of UFO sightings and cattle mutilations on his ranch.
As the introduction states "Ohio just might be the world's UFO capital" because of the number of impressive sightings and related UFO activity.