by Garfield Reeves Stevens

Bantam Books, N.Y. 1990

434 pages - paperback

Niqhteyes is a science fiction novel based on the author's research into UFOs and abductions.  Horror novelist Stephen King has praised' Niqhteyes calling it "a hypnotic high voltage novel...I loved it". A ufologist and abduction expert in the novel seems to be based on real life ufologist Budd Hopkins. The. Betty and Barney Hill abduction case from 1961 is also mentioned in the novel. Recently Niqhteyes the novel has become a case of life imitating art.  A recent UFO abduction case seems to be strikingly similar to some of the events in the novel. Coincidence? Or did the reader imagine herself to be abducted after reading the novel. Or the case could be a hoax. One of the problems with books on alien abductions is that impressionable readers may imagine that they themselves may have been abducted. Personally, I would tell those readers to stay clear of novels like Niqhteyes.