MUFON 1998 International UFO Symposium Proceedings


Seguin, Texas, 1998, 192 pages, Price $25

In July of 1998 MUFON held their annual meeting, this time in Denver, Colorado. The Proceedings is transcripts of the lectures given, twelve total. The lecturers included historian Dr. David Jacobs on abduction. He takes a literal view of the phenomena, that is he feels ET's are physically abducting humans for genetic purposes. Another lecturer Dr. Joseph Lewels takes a more benign, metaphysical approach to the same phenomena. It is interesting that two Phd's take opposing views when looking at the same evidence.  Dr. Richard Haines has an excellent article on human initiated contact with UFOs. In some cases, an eyewitness has caused a UFO to react by flashing a flashlight towards it or by shooting at it. Haines notes that the intelligence behind UFOs must be peaceful since they did not violently react to being fired at by fearful eyewitnesses.  There also is a very technical article on plants found in crop circle formations. Tracy Torme who wrote scripts for Star Trek: The Next Generation tells of his interest in UFOs. Jose Escamilla has a fascinating lecture on "Rods." These are long thin snakelike creatures seen in the air first in 1994. Their speed is so fast that only special cameras can photograph them. Are they a previously undiscovered species or something else? The Discovery Channel had a segment on "Rods."