Edited by Walt Andrus

Seguin, TX, 1997, 300 pages, Price $25.00

MUFON 1997 INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDING edited by Walt Andrus, Seguin, Texas, 1997, 300 pages, price $25.00.
The fiftieth anniversary of Ufology, the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the Roswell incident was observed in Grand Rapids, Michigan in July of 1997 by the MUFON organization. This book contains the lectures given in that symposium. I attended most of the lectures and thought they were interesting and well presented. Dr. David Jacobs, a History Professor at Temple University, in his lecture stated his belief that soon the UFO mystery will be solved, no thanks to a still hostile media and the mainstream scientists who ignore study of the phenomenon.  Physicist Stanton Friedman's lecture was an update on Roswell.  It was Friedman who resurrected the Roswell story in 1978 when by accident he came across someone who told him about Jesse Marcel the man who recovered the debris.  Friedman found and interviews Marcel. Two female abductees also gave a lecture.  I found it interesting that they said they would prefer it if they were mentally unstable.  At least then they could be medically treated and perhaps their problems solved. Instead they feel the truth is they are some people who were abducted by aliens on an ongoing basis.  Jan Aldrich's lecture was on his "Project 1947" research, Aldrich received a grant to study newspaper coverage of flying saucer sightings in 1947.  So far he has looked at 5,000 of 11,000 newspapers in North America.  He has found many pre-Kenneth Arnold sighting reports in local papers that did not get widespread publicity.  There are many other worthwhile lectures in the book.  I recommend it for those who didn't get to attend the symposium.