Mind Monsters:

Invaders From Inner Space

by Jenny Randies

The Aquarian Press, England 1990

224 pages

Jenny Randies is one of the most prolific authors of books on paranormal phenomena. She lives in England and has investigated several UFO sightings there. Mind Monsters presents the hypothesis that many paranormal events such as UFO sightings Big-foot and the Loch Ness monster may all have a common origin; an alternate reality or dimension that interacts with our mind. Thus these creatures may not be real in the physical sense of the word "real" but neither are they hallucinations. Randies is not the first to propose such a theory. The American John Keel and the French scientist Jacques Vallee have all proposed dimensional theories. In fact, Dr. Vallee has stated "If UFOs turn out to be simply extraterrestrial I will be very disappointed. I think I can come up with a much better answer then that." (page 124 Randies). Mind Monsters presents an intriguing alternative to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.