From Out Of The Blue

by Jenny Rankles

Berkley Books, NY 1993

233 pages

This is the account of the alleged landing of a UFO near an American air base at Bentwater, England, in late December, 1980.  The case is very controversial and the facts have been blurred by governmental interference from both American and British authorities. There are many unanswered questions. What was the strange light seen?  Was it a real UFO or was it as debunkers claim, merely a misidentification of a nearby light from a lighthouse - or was it a meteor?  Did a UFO leave landing marks or were they merely traces of rabbit burrows as some claim?  Were there aliens seen by military personnel at the base?  Are nuclear weapons stored at this base?  Why has the British newspapers totally ignored this astonishing case?  Shortly after the UFO landing in Rendlesham Forest, the trees near where the landing took place were cut down.  Is this a coincidence?  Or were the trees cut down to hide physical evidence that a UFO had landed amidst the trees and left radiation traces?  If a real UFO was seen is it extraterrestrial or some unknown source of energy native to Earth?  Or was it a secret weapon or a mind-control experiment, an illusion?
Jenny Randies, a British ufologist has done her best at trying to sort out the conflicting evidence and theories.  She comes to no definitive conclusion as to what really happened but something strange did occur.