Fairies: Real Encounters

With Little People

by Janet Bord

Michael O'Mora Books, London, England - 1997

182 pages - Softcover

Some Ufologists seeking to research the possible ancient roots of the UFO phenomenon point to fairy tales as early descriptions of alien like entities. I'm talking of real fairy encounters not the fictional stories of the Grimm Brothers. In some areas of Great Britian today people still believe in fairies and sometimes encounter them. Fairies and description of aliens are in some cases similar, both being described as small. The missing time phenomenon has been reported in both UFO reports and in fairy tales. Janet Bord is a researcher from Wales in Great Britain. She does not try to convince the reader of the physical reality of fairies, nor try to say they are the same phenomenon as reports of aliens. Instead she states several theories on fairy origins. One theory is that it is a racial memory of an actual race dwarf-like people that once lived. The problem with this theory is that nearly every ethnic group in the world has legends of little people. Were there actually little people throughout the globe? No. The archaeological evidence doesn't support such a theory. There is a race of pygmies in African but even they have legends of smaller people. Also fairies tend to have special powers or as the ancients would state magical or supernatural powers.
Another theory is related to psychology. These fairy encounters are all in the mind. English researcher Paul Devareux with his earth-lights theory thinks that natural occurring balls of light can affect the electrical impulses in the brain and cause hallucinations. Still another theory involves alternate realities or other universes to explain fairy encounters. Janet Bord does not come to any conclusions about fairies. The evidence is not clear cut enough for that. Its interesting to note that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Creator of Sherlock Holmes, believed in the existence of fairies. Was he merely gullible on the subject or was his beliefs justified? Fairies by Janet Bord does not give us any final answers as to what is behind the fairy myths because the evidence is not all in yet. All we have are fascinating anecdotes.