Extraterrestrial Archaeology

by David Hatcher Childress

Adventures Unlimited Press, 1994  Stalls, Illinois

Extraterrestrial Archaeology by David Hatcher Childress published by Adventures Unlimited Press, 1994 Stalls, Illinois, 301 pages, illustrated David Hatcher Childress is a self-described 'maverick archaeologist' who writes controversial books on legendary lost cities of Earth.  However in this latest book of his, Childress writes about alleged photographic evidence of lost civilizations on other planets in our solar system and the moon.  The lost famous photograph is of the Face on Mars which is a Sphinx-like face near some pyramid shaped monuments.  Whether these are merely natural rock formations or built structures is still unknown.   Most of the photographs in this book were taken by either NASA or Soviet space probes.
Personally I was not convinced that any of the photos show any structures built by aliens or any sign of life out there either past or present.