Enter The Valley

by Christopher O'Brien

St. Martin's Books, N.Y. 1999, 339 pages, paperback, Price $6.99

This is the sequel to O'Brien's The Mysterious Valley book. The valley in question is the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico where strange lights, UFOs, unusual military activity and cattle mutilations have taken place. This book tells legends from the past about the Indians, the Spanish explorers and gold before going into UFO phenomena. O'Brien notes that a 1917 Colorado newspaper had a story about a cigar-shaped object seen in the sky. Then in 1995 a similar object was photographed at Salida, Colorado. The video of this object has been shown on the "Sightings" television show. Another interesting story is that of a man who took some film footage of a UFO in 1948. He began to show the film to the public like a Chamber of Commerce meeting. Soon thereafter, two government agents confiscated the film. There are other tales of missing files and tapes. O'Brien himself lost a tape he sent to the "Sightings" show. Another bizarre story is that of a rancher who found three of his cows mutilated and thirty feet up in some cottonwood trees. Unfortunately, the rancher didn't photograph this sight. There are also stories about alleged underground bases. Enter the Valley has eight pages of photographs and a map. Those who read "Reporter" O'Brien's previous book will enjoy this one too.