Edited by Charles Bowen

Signet Books, 1977, 220 pages

Flying Saucer Review is England's and probably the worlds oldest continuously published UFO periodical. Its first issue appearing in the spring of 1955.  This book, which I recently found in an used book store is a collection of articles from Flying Saucer Review, all of the articles deal with contact cases.  That is, the UFO was seen either to land or depart from the ground hovered near the ground or entities were also seen.  Of interest to Ohio readers, is the article George Eberhart on a UFO and an entity seen by a young couple near Albany, Ohio.  The encounter occurred on October 16, 1973, the night after that sighting several Athens policemen also saw UFOs. 1973 and October especially, was a big year for UFO sightings in the United States.  Ohio had more than its share of excellent sighting reports in October, 1973.
This book came out in 1977 when alien abduction reports were still relatively rare, so the encounter cases related consist mainly of a UFO being seen in close proximity of the eyewitness and sometimes an entity being seen emerging from the craft.  The editor Charles Bowen is intelligent enough to realize that some of these cases may not have happened literally as the eyewitness claimed.  That's not saying the eyewitness were wrong or lying but that whatever is behind the UFO enigma can protect an image or an illusion into a persons mind.  Some of these encounter cases have a surreal or dreamlike quality to them.  Is the intelligence behind UFOs conducting experiments or playing games with humanity. We don't know yet.