Contact Of The 5th Kind

by Philip J. Imbrogno & Marianne Horrigan

Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1997

260 pages, Paperback, Price $9.95

Philip Imbrogno is a teacher in New York State with an interest in UFOs. His previous book Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings 1987 was co-written by the late J. Allen Hynek. Both books have an emphasis on UFO sighting in New York State although his latest book includes other areas of the country. The author believes large triangular shaped objects have replaced the flying disc as the most common type of UFO. These flying triangles are gigantic, some eyewitnesses said they were larger than a football field or a 747 jumbo jet. They tend to be dark in color, with some lights seen on them. Some eyewitnesses have notices on the underside grill-like work and a network of tubes.  These UFOs are also silent and can maneuver at extremely slow speeds. Some have been seen to vanish suddenly which seems to eliminate the earthly origins exploration.  Imbrogno theorizes that these flying triangles come from another dimension through a hole in space that opens up given certain conditions. He states certain geographic areas tend to have more sightings than others. The Hudson Valley area of New York is one such area.
To add further mystery and bizareness to the book, Imbrogno tells of 110 chambers in southern New York made of stone. He states his belief that the ancient Druids from Europe built these. These power points seem to have some mystical power that Imbrogno feels attracts UFOs. He states that the crop circles in England are seen near ancient Druid sites such as Stonehenge.
The C.I.A. and Men in Black also make their unwelcome appearance in this book. Imbrogno believes the C.I.A. attempted to debunk the New York sightings by having pilots fly ultra lights very closely after some of the sightings and then announcing that the public was seeing these ultra lights instead of UFOs. Imbrogno even speculates that there is a secret base in New York state where the government and these aliens have cooperated.
Abductions and contactee cases are a topic of some chapters. The author feels there are at least two types of aliens involved, one being relatively benign while the other type are hostile. There are several excellent black and white photographs of UFOs in the book, one was taken by a police officer who prefers to remain anonymous. Although bizarre and fantastic in places, Contact of the Fifth Kind is an extremely interesting book by a reliable researcher of the UFO phenomenon. I recommend it.