Clear Intent: The Government Cover-up Of The UFO Experience

By Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood

Prentice-Hill, Englewood, NJ, 1984

259 pages, Paperback

Clear Intent belongs in the home library of every serious student of Ufology because it is based on solid research into the government's cover-up of UFOs.  The authors have examined hundreds of declassified American documents dealing with UFOs. Some of the documents were obtained by way of the Freedom of Information Act.  These documents are proof that UFOs have violated the air space of some of our most sensitive and vital military bases, some of which carry nuclear weapons.  The year 1975 was an especially busy year for UFOs.  Years after the government officially gave up interest in UFOs with the endings of Project Blue Book and the Condon Report the government still collected information on UFO sightings.  The Freedom of Information Act proves this.  These documents shed no light on the origin of UFOs.  There is no speculation in the book.  Instead there is a painstaking documentation that UFOs are still of great interest to our government despite all official claims to the contrary.