All About UFOs

By Ted Wilding-White

Usborne Publishing Ltd, 1977, London

32 pages

I found this book at Ohio State University in a college bookstore's children's educational books section, All About UFOs is part of the World of the Unknown series of children's books on UFOs. Other titles in the series are All About Monsters and All About Ghosts.
I found the book disappointing. Some of the stories and illustrations are misleading and do not give an accurate account of the UFO phenomenon. This is a shame because children are interested in UFOs and other strange mysteries. The question is how to relate information about a phenomenon when we don't even know what the origin of this phenomenon is. I feel any book for young ones on UFOs should not tell the impressionable readers what to believe or not to believe. All of the leading theories on UFOs should be mentioned, not just the debunking version or the overly simplistic extraterrestrial hypothesis. There is some useful information in this bock, but not enough that I can recommend it.