Alien Impact:  A Comprehensive Look At The Evidence Of Human/Alien Contact

by Michael Craft

St. Martins Press, N.Y. 1996

302 pages, Price $23.95

Flying Paranormal investigator Michael Craft in this book explores various theories and ideas on UFOs. He hasn't done any original research but instead gives an overview of other researchers own pet theories. Craft tends to sympathize with those researchers who doubt UFOs are space visitors from another planet. Instead he feels UFOs may come from inner space, that is from another reality on our own planet. Mythology, ancient religion, folklore and fairy tales are all explored in this book. Craft agrees with researchers like Jacques 7 Vallee and John Keel that the UFO phenomenon has always been interesting with mankind in one guise or another. Whether it is for good or evil is a matter of opinion and not readily deceivable.  I liked this book although it does have several minor misstatements of fact in it that a proofreader should have detected.  For example, Craft tells about a particular episode of the TV show "The Twilight Zone" but instead refers to it as an episode of "The Outer Limits." These minor errors detract from the book.  Be prepared for a journey into high strangeness and wild ideas when you read Alien Impact.