Alien Dawn: An Investigation Into the Contact Experience

by Colin Wilson

Fromm International, N.Y., 1998, 322 pages, photographs Price $26.00

Colin Wilson is a British writer and philosopher. Three decades ago he wrote The Occult which has become a classic on its object. Recently he stated studying UFOs and the abduction phenomenon and was surprised at how much evidence there is for the reality of it. This does not mean Wilson thinks ETS are behind it. Instead he theorizes a metaphysical phenomenon that enters our space time continuum and interacts with us from time to time. Wilson is sympathetic to the dimensional views of Dr. Jacques Vallee and John Keel. It is interesting to note how many famous people are now accepting the reality of the abduction phenomenon; Dr. John Mack a psychiatrist at Harvard, Professor David Jacobs, a History professor at Temple University, Dr. Roger Leir, a surgeon. When will the establishment take this subject seriously? Colin Wilson takes a rather positive view of the phenomenon although he admits it has a dark side. Whatever is behind UFOs seems to be changing mankind's view of himself and the common. This is known as a paradigm shift. Just think fifty years ago, few people thought of aliens from other worlds. Now the image of a small "grey" alien and a flying saucer is universally recognized.  Being a philosopher, Wilson's book may be over the head of some readers, but if you like to ponder over the nature of the universe and reality itself this is the book for you.