Alien Base: Earth's Encounters With Extraterrestrials

by Timothy Good

Century Random House, London, England, 1998, 419 pages

Timothy Good is a British Ufologist, one of his earlier books Above Top Secret is considered a classic account of the Ufo cover-up. In Alien Base, the premise is that there are human looking aliens here on Earth. Most UFO books today have the small bodied large black eyed "Gray" aliens as the center of their topic. Usually the "Grays" are depicted as abducting humans. But, as Good points out, the "Grays" were rarely seen in pre 1970's UFO reports. (The Roswell case involves small aliens but it wasn't investigated until the late 1970's.) Thus Good concentrates on early "contactee" cases that tend to be ignored today. He states modern ufology tends to disregard any cases involving human looking aliens. Good presents a new look at some old cases and also presents for the first time many other sighting reports, some recent, others as far back as pre-World War H I found interesting the "foo fighter" reports from the 1940's. 'Too fighters" is the term allied pilots gave for strange objects seen in the sky during World War n. Planes in close proximity to foo fighters would have engine problems. This became so serious that the allies did a secret investigation into foo fighters. This was before the terms "flying saucer" or "UFO" existed. At the time foo fighters were thought to be an enemy weapon but we now know they weren't since German and Japanese pilots also saw them.
Alien Base has worldwide cases of UFO encounters, thus proving its not a peculiar American phenomenon. I found interesting the following quote (page 378). In April 1990 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev stated "The phenomenon of UFOs is real and we should approach it seriously and study it." Good's book has chapter notes so one can find out where he found his information. The book also has several photos, many in color of UFOs. Good does not claim all of these reports are necessarily completely true, some of the photos may be hoaxes. He lets you, the reader, make up your opinion. In most cases, the "contactees" who took the photos did not make any money off of them, so if they are hoaxes what's the motivation?
If some aliens are almost human like it presents a problem. What is the chance, in evolution of human looking aliens being on another planet? Some of the "contactees" in Goods book have an answer for that; both humans and these aliens have a common origin. Some claim these aliens may have originated from Earth long ago but due to a disaster that hit Earth, they fled our planet. Yes it sounds fantastic, but human mythology has lots of accounts of super civilizations meeting disaster. Atlantis being the most famous. Alien Base is a good read, full of stories you don't find in other UFO books. I purchased this English book from the book dealer Arcturis Books in Port Saint Lucie, Florida which specializes in hard to find or foreign books on the paranormal.