Witness to an Unusual event - A UFO Sighting

By Pete Hartinger  The Circleville Herald    Friday, July 7, 2006

A big part of the evidence of the UFO phenomenon existence is the eyewitness testimony. Many people have been sent to prison just because of eyewitness reports to crimes committed.  Over the past 60 years, there have been thousands of eyewitness reports of strange looking craft operating in our world's skies. This would number in the millions if all the sightings were reported.  Many people don't report UFO sightings because of the frustration of not knowing who to report it to.  This is one of the reasons that the Roundtown UFO Society exists; to be an outlet for these sighting reports.  We have monthly meetings at the Pickaway County District Library on North Court St that is open to the public.  The library also has UFO material.  This includes the monthly MUFON Journal, videos and books.
Psychology plays a big part in UFO sightings. Some witnesses never forget their sighting and they realize that there is more to life than they realize. Others want to forget their sighting, either because it scares them too much or they feel as long as it doesn't affect their life, it doesn't matter if UFOs exist or not.  Who knows, the future may change that way of thinking.
I have been told personally or read on many occasions by several witnesses, "that I never would have believed UFOs existed, if I hadn't seen it myself." Some people feel that UFOs don't exist because they have never seen one. They change their mind when they observe close up.  UFO existence is a reality whether you believe it or not.  UFO knowledge is not a matter of believing, like faith, or desire, but a matter of evidence.  There is plenty of evidence.  How many sightings do you have to hear about until you realize that the phenomenon is real?
As UFO reality becomes more accepted, more and more witnesses are coming forward about their past UFO sightings.  This is also occurring with present day sightings.  One indicator that will show the acceptance of the UFO phenomenon is when the witnesses say you can use their names in the sighting report.  Fewer are remaining anonymous.  This is occurring more and more. They are not afraid of ridicule or laughter anymore.
To the ones who feel this subject of UFOs isn't real, I say besides from doing some research on it, just try doing this simple test.  I call it the one on one approach.  I have done it on occasions for many years.  When you are talking to someone and no one else is within earshot, just simply ask them what they think of the UFO phenomenon.  You do not have to say what you think of it, unless asked. You will be surprised sometimes, as I have been to the answer.  This is apparently because the person feels more comfortable in that he is not with a group of people.  I have gotten some UFO sighting reports or very interesting stories from some very respectable people.  There is a bigger story out there than many people realize.  Your next door neighbor, friend, or a close relative may have had a sighting.  You never know until you ask them privately.  Many sightings are completely unknown, except in the region where it happened The media doesn't carry many of these events.
It is hard to state your feelings after seeing a strange looking craft in the sky and realize that they are real after all.  To anyone who is afraid of this subject, because of unknown factors, I can only say that the UFO phenomenon has been around for decades, if not for hundreds of years.
Pickaway County has had its share of eyewitness reports of UFOs.  Led by Bruce Stevenson's dramatic sighting of Feb. 1,1948, there have been many others reported to me from over the years.  Some leading citizens of the Circleville community have had past UFO sightings.  I personally interviewed Mr. Stevenson in 1959 for a high school project dealing with the subject of flying saucers, a term used in that era.  Like Mr. Stevenson, a person who has a sighting like his never forgets it for the rest of their life.  It may happen; only once in your lifetime, but not" many forget it.  I haven't.
Some witnesses have come forward about their personal sighting when they discover there were other witnesses to the event.  Many military witnesses would discuss their UFO sighting, if they knew they wouldn't be violating their security oath.
If you have any questions or would like to speak to me about this subject, just phone me at 477-6252 or write me at P.O. Box 52, Circleville or e-mail me at [email protected].com. Our RUFOS web site is www.roundtownufosociety.com.