UFOs Have Been Eyeing Our Nuclear Weapons

By Pete Hartinger  The Circleville Herald   October 15, 2010

 On Sept. 27, several former U.S. Air Force Officers spoke at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

    They spoke of their experiences while stationed at different nuclear missile sites in the United States.

    They told the same story at different times of observing Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) over our restricted missile silos, some causing the shut down of several missiles.
    Robert Hastings, a long-time UFO researcher, was the host. (I attended one of his lectures in 1986 at the old Student Union at The Ohio State University; his theme that night was about official government documents pertaining to the UFO subject.)

    The participants wanted this in the public domain, as they differ with official Air Force policy. Hastings ended their statements by saying he has over 100 others who have had similar experiences. The latest was at Malstrom Air Force Base in 2007.

    He says their statements are just a tip of the iceberg. A public conditioning program about UFO existence was mentioned. After the officers' statements, news reporters asked several questions. One reporter was from "Stars and Stripes." Some of the former officers were colonels.

    This press conference made the internet and some other news organizations. Not many major newspapers carried it, that I know of.

    The entire press conference is on our website,
roundtownufosociety.com and is an hour and eleven minutes long.    

    The only negative comment that I have heard was from the curator of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. He stated there was still not evidence of UFO existence.

    How ignorant can you get? The observations were made by top notch officers in charge of our nuclear weapons. They saw the UFOs and at the same time our weapons were deactivated.

    These officers have come out and talked about an incident in their lives that they have never forgotten. This will cause others to talk about theirs also.

    The climate has changed in that more and more people are accepting the reality of the UFO phenomena.

    A new book has recently been published, "UFOs, Generals, Pilots & Government Officials Go On The Record" by UFO researcher Leslie Kean, with the forward by government official, John Podesta, who has been an advisor to President Clinton and President Obama. 

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    You can do the following yourself - just ask a person when you are alone with them what they think of the UFO subject - you may be surprised at some of the answers.

    Pete Hartinger is director of the Roundtown UFO Society