UFOs and Psychology

By Pete Hartinger  The Circleville Herald    Friday, February 23, 2007

     Psychology is an important part of the UFO phenomenon.
     UFO sighting reports have been kept to a minimum because many of the witnesses are reluctant to report them.  However, this is slowly changing as more people are accepting this subject as a reality.
     Many UFO witnesses have come forward in recent years and they have informed me about their dramatic sightings.  I feel they are relieved that they have someone with whom they can confide in.  I can see this change as I have studied this UFO subject since 1958.
     Over the years they have been subjected to ridicule, harassment, and disbelief.  This is because the skeptics have never seen a real UFO; talked to credible people who have seen them; or more importantly, they have never researched the subject intently with all the evidence available to see.
     To a lot of people, when you mention UFOs, they form a mental block.  The fear of the unknown causes many to disregard this subject.  As a great President once said, "You have nothing to fear, but fear itself."
     Some can be psychologically disturbed if they find out that UFOs exist and since they would be technically advanced of us, some could accept this and others could not.
     I have always enjoyed studying history, which of course, is of past events.  Ufology, the study of the UFO phenomenon, represents the past, present, and the future.  There are many UFOs still being seen, and who knows what the future holds?
     On Nov. 7, 2006, a saucer shaped craft was seen hovering over Chicago's O'Hare Airport.  It was a daylight sighting that lasted several minutes and the object left by creating a hole in the cloud cover above it.  This event was witnessed by several United Airline personnel and it included pilots.  It even made the CNN news.  Since this occurred, many of the personnel have been told to keep quiet about this sighting.  Who would want to talk and lose their jobs?  This has happened many times over the years with other UFO sightings.  However, after many years when they retire or in failing health, some of these witnesses have come forward and told about their personal experiences.
     I know of a similar UFO sighting that occurred over Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  Several years ago two witnesses, employees at the nearby NASA Lewis Center, saw a disc-shaped craft hover some 50 feet above them.  The one witness described it to me in detail, as it was also a daylight sighting.
     I recently had a person tell me that he prides himself on being a scientific skeptic.  But with the different television programs about UFOs, like the History Channel shows, he has begun to wonder.  I would welcome a debate with anyone on this subject.  I try to stick with facts and only the facts.  It is very easy to speculate.
     Some witnesses to a UFO sighting will shrug their shoulders and say so what, because they can't do anything about it.  Others, like myself, try to find out more about the mysterious phenomenon.  Some have inquiring minds.
     I have found repressed memories in many cases.  Until someone is asked if they have ever seen a UFO, sometimes they will say they have, and are amazed at why they never recall it until asked.  I have had many people tell me that they had forgotten about their own UFO sighting or experience until I mentioned the subject to them.  For instance, a couple of years ago a witness didn't recall his sighting until I showed him a magazine article relating to the same time period and location he was at that described many UFO sightings.  This occurred in Texas in August of 1965. You can try this yourself by using the one on one approach.  Just ask the person if they have ever seen a UFO.  Ask them when no one else is around.  I have found out that you get a better response.  Some people feel embarrassed or apprehensive when with a group of people if you ask this question.

     If you have any questions or concerns about this subject, please contact me at 477-6252, [email protected] or Roundtown UFO Society, PO Box 52, Circleville, OH  43113 or visit our Website at http://roundtownufosociety.com .