Roundtown UFO Society Hosts 2nd Annual Public Awareness Program

by Pete Hartinger - RUFOS -  Aug. 17, 2004


As part of my public awareness program about UFOs, the 2nd annual Roundtown UFO Society's public UFO display will be held on Saturday, Aug.21.

It will be open to the public form 10 am. until 5 pm. at the Circleville Library's meeting room.

This year's display will center more on the evidence of the existence of the UFO phenomenon. If presented in a court of law, at the very least the court of public opinion would sway toward the UFO existence.

I have been asked before "where is the proof that UFOs exist?"

I think anyone who would research this subject would easily find out that there is a whole lot of information out there that the general public doesn't realiize.

For example, many people in Circleville still don't know about the 1948 Bruce Stevenson sighting, or of the many other sightings that have occurred in Pickaway County since then. At the Aug. 21 display the sighting reports will all be listed on the county map. There is a total of 50 reports in all. Remember 

these are just the "reported" cases. The most recent event of July 12, which included a beam of light from a UFO will also be listed. Like many of others before him, the witness became convinced of UFO reality after his experience. Someone told me the other day that this sighting was "close to home." I told him that the first recorded sighting over Circleville was in 1958!

Many people state that they have never seen a UFO. Does that mean they don't exist because they have never seen one? Of course not.

Studying the history of our world we learned that before Christopher Columbus discovered America there was a great fear.

That fear was that you would fall off the edge of the earth if you sailed too far west in the Atlantic Ocean.

That was because of the flat earth theory that was believed by some at that time. The flat earth theory could be very easily compared to the present day one that many people feel that we live on the only living planet in the universe. Everyone to his or her own belief, but I feel, as many scientists and others do that there is other life out there. Our government hasn't spent millions of dollars on those huge radio listening dishes (SETI) for nothing.

As far as any alien life visiting Earth there is always the argument against it by saying nothing goes faster than the speed of light.

In discussing this argument with a retired U.S. astronaut a few years ago he agreed with me that this is just our present day knowledge concerning space travel. There could be a time warp or dimensional tunnel, etc. After all just think how far we have come in regards to air travel in just the past 100 years.

Many highly educated people feel that UFOs do exist. In fact a retired engineer told me that he isn't interested in UFO sighting reports anymore.

He just wants to know who is piloting these craft. He accepts the fact that they are real because of all of the evidence.

Part of that evidence will be shown on Saturday at the local library's meeting room.

It is up to you if you are interested in one of the biggest, if not the biggest mystery of all time. There are not nearly as many skeptics as there once was.

In closing, I would like to say that if anyone asked me, "what is the best statement to use in summing up all your years of research and investigations?" I would simply reply, "We have been under observation for many, many years."

If anyone would like to discuss with me about this subject or have questions, please feel free to phone me (740) 477-6252; write P.O. Box 52, Circleville, Ohio 43113; or e-mail me at [email protected]