Latest Developments in Ufology

By Pete Hartinger  The Circleville Herald    Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Latest Developments in Ufology

The UFO Phenomenon is not going away.  UFOs are still being observed worldwide.  Locally, more witnesses are coming forward and telling about their personal sightings that they have had from the past or present.  They are feeling more comfortable in talking about it, because they know that the reality of the UFO mystery is on the rise.  In many cases, they have given me permission to use their names. These are very credible people that I am referring to.  Others remain anonymous if they so choose.

In the near future, Phyllis Budinger, a retired chemist from Chagrin Falls will be on the History Channel. It will show some chemical tests and results of some famous UFO cases.  Phyllis is a long-time friend of mine.

I have created a binder of information about the Bruce Stevenson UFO sighting of Feb. 1, 1948. This includes old newspaper articles about this extraordinary event.  These binders are located for public display at our local Historical Society, the Circleville Library, and the Welcome Center. Please feel free to look at them.

Investigation was done about orange bursts of light being observed and reported in southern Pickaway County in September.  It was discovered that they were being released from F16s flying out of the Air National Guard Base in Springfield.  All the witnesses were notified of this explanation from some of the sightings.  However, because of this investigation, it was discovered of a genuine UFO sighting.  This occurred with a strange object following a mother and daughter home late at night in early July.  It hovered outside while they went inside their home. There is no natural explanation for this report.  It is on file with many other unknown sightings from Pickaway County.  A full report was made to the Mutual UFO Network located in Colorado.

In September, the Stephen Greer's Disclosure Project video was shown on the local Circleville Cable CGTV5.  Several ex-government and military witnesses made statements, because of their personal experiences which resulted in knowing that yes, UFOs do exist. This video was shown from efforts of the Roundtown UFO Society and permission of the Disclosure Project.

I spoke to the local Kiwanis Club in August and the Sertoma Club in November. The members of both of these fine organizations who were there found out about the unknown facts related to unidentified flying objects.

In the fall, the public was invited to the Sandy Barthelmas farm on Route 56.  This was to show the site where Bruce Stevenson had his historic UFO sighting in 1948. In the spring, this invitation will be extended again.  Any dates will be again advertised through the permission of the landowner.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio was at a recent Presidential Debate.  While there he acknowledged that he had observed an unidentified flying object.  His response was to a question by newsman Tim Russert.  This occurred on national television.  Two former Presidents, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, each spoke early in their political careers of seeing UFOs.

The Larry King Show on Nov. 9 was about UFOs.  It was one of the most objective shows that I have ever watched on television on this subject.  The presentation was a very positive view about the existence of these objects.  The lone skeptic looked foolish and nervous to the evidence presented.

On Nov. 12, a news conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D. C.  Some 14 individuals from seven different countries were there to talk about their UFO experiences and the knowledge of their existence.  Many were former military pilots.  Only CNN briefly covered this important event.  The other major news outlets did not report on it for whatever reason.

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Pete Hartinger