Crop Circle Found In Field

by Pete Hartinger Roundtown

UFO Society, Circleville, Ohio

Circleville Herald ~ September 10, 2003

On Aug. 29 three local residents went to southern Ohio to help in the investigation of a crop formation that had been discovered there.Scanned image from the Circleville Herald, Circleville, Ohio

Gene Brewer, Jon Fry and Pete Hartinger were there to help the two leading investigators, Jeff Wilson of Dexter, Michigan, and Roger Sugden of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They helped with the collection of measurements, samples, reading and more. Recently, Wilson and Sugden have investigated crop formations in Wisconsin, Michigan and Canada.

As you can see by the picture the crop circle is a complex formation. It was located in a soybean field. The soybean crop formations are rare.

The crop circle was found in Louden, Ohio next to serpent mound in Adams County. The location was kept secret until the farmer had the crop harvested. This is because he didn't want people coming into the field and destroying more of his crop.

If person or persons are discovered to have created this formation, they could be charged with trespassing and vandalism.

If someone knows of similar formations that haven't been reported, please contact Pete Hartinger at 474-6773. The results about this southern Ohio formation will be shown on the Web site:  You can also e-mail Jeff Wilson at [email protected] for further information.