2005 - a year in review for UFO sightings

By Pete Hartinger  The Circleville Herald    Friday, March 21, 2006

The end of 2005 marked 17 years of the Roundtown UFO Society's existence.  It was started in January 1989 by the three founding members, Pete Hartinger, Jon Fry and Delbert Anderson.  Together, we have over 120 years of UFO research.  Slowly, it is being accepted as a serious phenomenon, to be investigated and researched. I know some people are afraid of this subject.  As a great leader once said, "the only thing you have to fear, is fear itself."  After all the UFO phenomenon has been around for years.
One witness to a UFO event, stated, "you think about all that you have learned, been taught and believed, and yet we don't know what is real anymore."
The Firefighter's Guide for Disaster Control was copyrighted in 1992.  In chapter 13 it refers to Enemy Attack and UFO Potential.  It was co-written by Dr. William M. Kramer.  He is listed as a Professor of the University of Cincinnati and was also a District Fire Chief for the city.  The other author was Charles Bahme, an author of many fire service articles and books, including the Handbook of Disaster Control.
MUFON of Ohio newsletter are now being sent to the Pickaway County Library.  They are included in a binder.  This is just another addition to the information you can gather at our local library.
On January 9, 2005 there was a sighting of a strange formation over Ashville. The witness stated there was a formation of several UFOs when one peeled off and then came back into the group.
Peter Jennings headed an ABC News Special on Feb. 24, 2005.  It lasted two hours with the first hour being positive toward the existence of UFOs.  It even had an Air Force case with a good description of the UFO from aircrew and ground observers. There were some negative comments in the second hour. UFO Center in Seattle, Washington had some 1400 UFO sighting reports in the first month after the ABC telecast. Normally, they receive between 250 to 500 per month.  One report was from around Christmas time of 1925!
Sometimes it takes compelling evidence for people to talk about their own sightings.
Tim Hammond, a former VA police officer, from Chillicothe, reported at a RUFOS May meeting of a UFO he had seen. This had occurred on Nov. 26,1983 while he was on duty at the VA Hospital in Chillicothe.  A beam of light from the UFO had shone down on his patrol car early in the morning.  A fellow officer was with him.  His story made the Chillicothe newspaper this past year, as he has written a book about the experience.
There have been over 2200 atomic bomb blasts on planet Earth.  Many UFO sightings have occurred near nuclear facilities.
Another quote was noted, "any panic that might take place because of UFO disclosure is because of the lack of knowledge."
The Brazilian Air Force on May 20, met with civilian UFO investigators, as they opened some UFO files.  This was very uncommon, as not many countries have done this.  Perhaps in the near future other countries will open up their UFO files.
On July 14, at our regular monthly meeting we had a special speaker.  John Timmerman, a retired banker from Lima, gave a talk about the hundreds of UFO reports from the various people he had personally met.  He put on a UFO display for some 12 years while representing the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies based in Chicago.  He has probably interviewed more UFO witnesses than anyone else in the country.  His lecture was televised on our local community channel.
It was discovered that Harold Hoffman has one of the earliest UFO sightings on record from a Pickaway County resident.  While on guard duty in the U.S. Army, he observed strange objects over Long Beach, California on February 24,1942.  This was the same night of the famous "Battle of Los Angeles."  The government has never explained what these objects were, even though hundreds of rounds of anti-aircraft were fired at them.
RUFOS had UFO displays at the local library on July 23 and at the Old Village Days in South Bloomfield on Aug. 20.  Both events drew people interested in
the subject.
In the September MUFON Journal, Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, stated that "yesterday's paranormal is tomorrow's normal.  We need to recognize our ignorance rather than saying something is impossible."
Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister, Paul Helyer, said that ET is here.
Michael Swords, a retired professor from Western Michigan, made this quote, "This question of whether there really are UFOs should have been set aside as a no-brainer almost as soon as the -phenomenon began flapping in 1947.
I gave a talk about the UFO phenomenon to the DuPont Retirees' group on July 11 and the Chillicothe Lions Club on Nov. 29.  Both talks were informative and were based on more, facts than speculations.
UFO sightings were still being recorded all over the world.  Two more were added to my Pickaway County Sighting List.  One occurred near Mt. Sterling on Oct. 17 and the other was a daylight sighting of a saucer shaped disc near Darbyville that was seen around 1972.  In both cases the witnesses said that I could use their names as the UFO phenomenon is becoming more and more accepted.  I commend witnesses who are willing to do this, as it attests to this phenomenon.  Their names are on file with RUFOS.
If you have any questions or, would like to speak to me about this subject just phone me at 477-6252; or write me at P.O. Box 52, Circleville; or e-mail me at [email protected]. Our Web site is www.roundtownufosociety.com